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Jose Guerrero

Jose Guerrero

AVP | Branch Manager

NMLS #: 1942477

About Me

Jose Guerrero sums up Banking Texas Style succinctly: “Doing business with friends.” As a passionate community banker, he relies on empathy and experience to connect with those he serves.

“I’ve personally tackled my share of financial challenges and hardships, and it has given me the ability to say ‘Hey, I’ve been there. This is how we move forward’ without any judgments,” Jose said. “My goal is always to enhance life experience by lessening financial stress.”

Jose was born in Mexico and has been a proud Texan since he was 4. Most of his childhood was spent in North Dallas, and he moved to Fort Worth in 2015. He joined the CBTx family in 2020, and has more than a decade of banking experience, first as a loan officer and then as branch manager.

“CBTx offered me the opportunity to help our clients through the biggest purchase of their lives and allowed to put all of my consumer lending experience to great use,” Jose said. “Being able to share experience for the benefit of those you are helping is my favorite part. There is a lot of trust and dedication involved in long-term financial goals, from the lender and the client, and I find that to be the most challenging and rewarding.”

From finding the right depository solutions to lending a helping hand through the biggest investment of his clients’ lives, Jose enjoys helping others move forward and make progress.

“My career has allowed me to pour creativeness into solving financial challenges,” he said. “I want to create better opportunities for us all.”

Fun Facts

If you could hire any actor to portray you in a movie, who would you choose?

Will Ferrell

What’s something about you that would surprise others?

I enjoy romantic comedies.

Describe yourself in one word:


What was your best day ever, and why?

My wedding day! Although it was small and intimate, all who are important to us were there.


I like to buy and resell collectibles.

Commercial Bank of Texas, N.A

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