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Callie Collins

Callie Collins

Mortgage Lender | Branch Manager

NMLS #: 1175891

About Me

Callie Collins started working at Commercial Bank of Texas to pay for her education. Then she learned she loved it.

“I was just planning on working here to get by through college,” she said. “I ended up loving banking, working with customers and working specifically with CBTx. Banking was never something I saw myself doing full time, but once I started learning more and gaining more experiences, things changed. I absolutely love working for this company and cannot imagine doing what I do anywhere else!”

Collins began working for CBTx after graduating from Shelbyville High School. After she earned her BBA from Stephen F. Austin State University, she transferred to the Lewisville Branch. “I worked there for just over a year before deciding that I missed Nacogdoches and the small town vibes and was transferred back to our Main Branch,” she said. “Now I am getting to go back to where it all started at the Starr Branch.”

Now that she’s back in the town she loves, doing what she loves, Collins is looking forward to helping her neighbors make dreams come true. “I love being able to get people into their homes,” she said. “There is something so rewarding about that. Whether it is a couple buying their first home together or a couple that are buying their forever retirement place, helping someone find their home just makes you feel good.”

Collins and her husband, Chris, have a daughter, and the family attends Harmony Hill Baptist Church. She enjoys restoring furniture, decorating, crafting and taking care of the family pets, Bently the dog and Leia the cat.

Fun Facts

What was the first job you ever had?

Helping my step dad run his oilfield supply store.

What’s your favorite food?

French Fries

If you could hire any actor to portray you in a movie, who would you choose?

Liv Tyler

If you could possess any superpower, what would it be?

Photographic memory

Describe yourself in one word.


Commercial Bank of Texas, N.A

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