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John Thannisch
John Thannisch
Vice-President, Trust Services
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David Shofner
David Shofner
Vice-President, Trust Services
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Trust & Investment Services

Managing trusts since 1940, our Trust Department is committed to providing personalized service for your fiduciary needs.  The protection and management of your wealth is a complicated issue.  CBTx Trust Services is right there by your side to ensure security and protection for the people you cherish most and proper management of your assets for your future needs. 

Estate Planning

We can provide estate planning recommendations to help your estate planning team minimize taxes and preserve estate assets for distribution to your heirs. Your estate planning team, which consists of your trust officer, attorney, accountant and insurance representative, implements your objectives and desires. Recommendations you choose to utilize should be reviewed by the team to make sure input from all members is considered. Commercial Bank of Texas can coordinate the process to insure your objectives and desires are met and the team stays on schedule.

Employee Benefit Plans

Our pension services include investment management, consulting and administration services for profit sharing plans, defined benefit plans, 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans and traditional pension plans.

Estate Settlement

Estate settlement and probate can be confusing and often places an emotional and time burden on your family and friends. You can provide for professional assistance by choosing Commercial Bank of Texas as your independent executor. As your personal representative, we will gather your assets, manage the assets during administration and distribute the assets of your estate as your will directs. Your estate can be settled economically, without needless delay, and by our staff which is experienced in the complete process.

Gifts in Trust

Charitable trusts name a charity to receive either income or remainder gifts from the trust. These gifts in trust may be established to pay income to your family or to a charity for a specific period of time. By planning gifts to family members and charities you may reduce the estate tax burden on your family at your death. We will manage these gifts in trust as you have designated.

Individual Retirement Planning

We provide retirement planning services for your retirement security. Retirement assets are becoming the largest asset your estate may contain and also some of the most difficult assets to properly pass to your family. Planning for the proper beneficiary designations can extend these assets long into the future and provide for the financial security of your family. Services include IRA rollover administration and planning, SEP IRA administration and planning, and investment management of these assets.

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Investment Management

Our investment management services can personalize management of your stocks, bonds and other securities to meet your individual needs. You have a choice of whether or not you get involved in the investment management decisions of your trust. If you choose, we will make investment decisions, including asset allocation, fund selection, performance monitoring and risk management based on your long-term goals and tax situation. We will meet with you periodically to review your goals and situation.

Living Trust

A living trust functions during your life by providing protection in case of illness or disability. A living trust can also function after your death as a part of your estate plan. We provide the investment management, day-to-day record keeping and bill payment to the degree you choose. Our personalized investment management helps build financial security for you and your family.

Testamentary Trust

CBTx can administer testamentary trusts created by your will. By allowing us to serve as trustee after your death, your family members will have added financial security and possible protection from creditors for assets placed in your testamentary trust. The asset protection benefits can be provided to your family with the use of a testamentary trust and continues only for the term of the trust.

Trust and Investment products are not deposits and are not insured by the FDIC.

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