CBTx Purchase Rewards

While many banks are ending their customer rewards programs, CBTx is introducing a new and innovative rewards system for CBTx Online Banking and CBTx Debit Card users!  With CBTx Purchase Rewards, online banking and debit card customers can earn cash back for shopping at national, regional, and in some cases local stores that they already frequent.

It's as easy as 1...2...3!

  1. Log in to CBTx Online Banking and go to the Purchase Rewards section
  2. Activate reward offers that will then be linked to your CBTx Debit Card
  3. Go shopping with your CBTx Debit Card!

(Cash back will be credited to the same account the purchased was made with at the end of the following month.)

The offer must be redeemed with the CBTx Debit Card tied to the account in which the offer was selected.  There are no coupons to print out and nothing will change at the checkout counter.  (Please note that if it is an online offer, the CBTx Debit Card user must select the link located inside of the offer details.)

See a demo of CBTx Purchase Rewards:  

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