CBTx Text Banking  

Introducing CBTx Text Banking.  This new way to get your CBTx account info is great for people who just need a quick reminder of their account balance or can't remember the amount of their last transaction.  Simply text an easy to remember command to our Text Shortcode "454545" and get a response in less than 3 seconds!  Simple commands include:

"BAL" - primary account balance
"BAL ALL" - balance for all accounts
"LAST" - last five transactions that posted to your primary account
"BAL CHK" - balance of checking accounts
"BAL SAV" - balance of savings accounts
"TRANS" - transfer funds to primary account
"HELP" - help on keywords
"STOP" - deactivate CBTx Text Banking

Just log in to CBTx Online Banking and go to the Mobile Banking & Alerts section in Account Access to complete the easy enrollment process.

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